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Advantage CheckRed

Managing multiple security tools is a major challenge for a modern security oganization. CheckRed identifies, prioritizes and helps remediate findings across AWS, GCP and Azure.

How CheckRed Works

CheckRed is the premier platform built to provide a comprehensive, relevant and actionable review of your current cloud environment risk. By quickly identifying and remediating issues, we allow your organization to focus on its core competencies.

Misconfigurations in cloud environments and applications can make them vulnerable to attack.

Modern infrastructures, especially those leveraging hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud architectures are inherently complex. Each cloud platform has its own settings, best practices, and potential issues. Dangerous misconfigurations are often born of that complexity.

Further compounding the problem are risky default settings, insecure DevOps functions, and employee skill gaps. CheckRed effectively and scalably manages and addresses security misconfigurations in today’s complex cloud environments.

CheckRed is a vendor-agnostic platform to manage your AWS/Azure/GCP environments across geographies, accounts and businesses.

CheckRed offers a consolidated view of network access, publicly exposed assets and misconfigured tools. Continuous monitoring of cloud environments ensures changes do not put your company at risk.

CheckRed uses continuous analysis to reduce risks across your cloud environments and provide alerts and insights into identity, network, compute and storage configurations.

CheckRed offers extensive compliance in a simplified manner.

CheckRed generates real-time reports and alerts to simplify audits and quickly raise awareness of issues.

With over 1000 policy checks and contextualized remediation instructions, CheckRed simplifies compliance and securing your cloud environments.

Actionable threat intelligence avoids costly risk assessments and protects critical assets.

CheckRed Risk Analytics provides a summary view of risk across your organization, environment and assets.

Our platform provides a high-level overview of changes in risk posture and guides your organizational focus to the most important areas for risk reduction.

Remediating issues as they arise is critical to securing a cloud environment.

Alerts without context or that are unactionable flood your systems and bury true alerts and risks in the process. Every CheckRed alert is contextualized and provides a clear remediation action path.

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