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The first true cloud security posture management solution.
Don’t choose between protecting one or the other –cover it all at once with CheckRed.


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Providing full cloud posture coverage over all the major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, and Linode) and critical SaaS business applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft 365, ServiceNow, Okta, and many more.

Keeping businesses secure wherever they go in the cloud.



What Our Users Say About CheckRed

Virtual Guardian

As a trusted cybersecurity service provider, managing and prioritizing our work is imperative. CheckRed alerts us of any security risks, shows us how we can remediate these issues, and gives us in-depth risk analysis. They’ve successfully unified SSPM & CSPM with compliance, enabling our team and clients to work better!

Virtual Guardian
Vcheck Global

Our tech-driven due diligence processes require stringent security and compliance. We use CheckRed to improve the security posture of our business-critical applications and cloud environments.

Vcheck Global

BreachLock, a global cybersecurity validation leader, partners with CheckRed to provide continuous validation of cloud and SaaS posture for our clients. Backed by an experienced team, the CheckRed platform offers unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and a constant stream of cutting-edge features.


Measure, monitor, and manage commonly-faced SaaS and cloud security posture challenges

Cloud and software applications are used to gain a competitive advantage. Security breaches within these environments result from misconfigurations, leading to a loss of customer trust, legal complications, and revenue losses. How can you effectively prevent and manage such threats? CheckRed delivers an all-inclusive platform that protects your SaaS and cloud assets.

Enhance your SaaS and cloud security posture
with the CheckRed platform


SaaS Security Posture Management

Shield your SaaS applications from unauthorized users and avoid data leakages. Get complete visibility, monitor access, and follow all compliance and security policies.

Supported applications


Cloud Security Posture Management

Gain a comprehensive view of risk posture across your cloud assets. Identify, analyze, and prioritize these risks with accuracy and agility.

Supported environments


How CheckRed works

Misconfigurations in SaaS and cloud environments leave them vulnerable to attack.

Complexities in hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architectures are numerous. Each cloud platform has its own settings, best practices, and potential security issues. Therefore, a comprehensive cloud security strategy is paramount.

Misconfigurations arise from risky default settings, insecure DevOps functions, knowledge gaps within the organization, and much more. The CheckRed platform addresses these security misconfigurations and strengthens cloud posture.

A vendor-agnostic platform to manage all your SaaS and cloud environments across geographies, accounts, and businesses.

CheckRed offers a consolidated view of publicly exposed assets and misconfigured tools. This complete visibility and continuous monitoring of cloud environments ensure that changes do not put your organization at risk.

CheckRed’s platform uses agentless scanners to monitor risks without disruptions. It provides insightful reports, enabling security teams to prioritize high-risk alerts. Proactively uncover issues with total visibility of SaaS and cloud environments.

Adhere to compliance standards and monitor compliance trends with CheckRed’s simplified and comprehensive platform.

CheckRed generates real-time reports and alerts to simplify audits and raise awareness of issues quickly. These alerts are classified on the basis of severity, allowing security teams to prioritize what matters most.

With over 1000 policy checks and contextualized remediation instructions, CheckRed simplifies compliance and cloud environment security. Effectively manage extensive compliance reporting for standards such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and others.

Gain insightful risk analytics and build awareness of critical risk posture information.

Risk analytics and reports deliver a clear and compelling view of risk across your organization. Understand the various misconfigurations, compliance issues, access errors, and more on a single dashboard.

The platform showcases an all-encompassing outlook of changes in risk posture and guides your organizational focus to the most important areas for risk reduction. The reports are rapidly generated and customized based on the user.

Remediating issues as they arise, is critical to securing SaaS and cloud environments.

Irrelevant or unactionable alerts overload your IT systems and conceal true alerts and risks in the process. Consequently, alert fatigue can overwhelm your security teams and distract them from focusing on critical matters.

Every CheckRed alert is contextualized and provides a suitable remediation action path. The remediation workflow is defined clearly based on customized rules, allowing you to act on alerts expeditiously.

More than 50 successful integrations

Manage your clients’ SaaS and cloud security with ease

MSPs, MSSPs, enterprises, pentesting companies, SOCs, infra, and compliance certification firms need to manage the growing digital complexities for multiple customers.

Why compromise on security? When you partner with CheckRed, you can ensure that your SaaS and cloud environments will be thoroughly protected and monitored with:

Single dashboard

Single dashboard

Prioritized alerts

Prioritized alerts

Insightful reports

Insightful reports

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility


A reimagined approach to SaaS and cloud security


Audit your SaaS and cloud asset inventory based on customized rules with the help of agentless scanners


View all pertinent security information on a single dashboard and use the ticketing system to respond to alerts


Uncover any risk with a high degree of accuracy and gain total visibility into SaaS and cloud assets


Classify alerts based on their severity and steer your focus toward issues that matter the most


Receive personalized recommendations for each detected alert
in the form of remediation workflows

Meet your

Strengthen your SaaS and cloud environment with insightful alerts