Comprehensive cloud security for Microsoft Azure

Benefit from end-to-end security for Azure


Secure Microsoft Azure cloud with CheckRed

Enterprises migrate to Microsoft Azure to experience its many benefits, including flexibility, better application performance, and scalability. However, these cloud features work best only in a secure environment and require more than an outdated, multi-tool cloud security approach.

CheckRed provides a comprehensive platform that protects your Azure cloud environment and allows enterprises to address any risks or concerns continuously. Monitor all cloud assets and fix critical issues with the help of automated and semi-automated remediation workflows.

Operate Azure in a secure environment

Make the most of a single platform

Eliminate the need for multiple security tools and achieve complete visibility of Azure assets.

Simplify and prove compliance

Utilize built-in and customizable frameworks to maintain compliance and fix any gaps.

Get insightful and actionable reports

Avoid time-consuming interventions and focus on critical issues using contextual reports.

Eliminate communication silos

Receive alerts directly on collaboration tools like Slack or Jira with CheckRed’s integrations.

Proactively securing your Azure cloud is complex and challenging

Azure access keys can lead to inadvertent and excessive access

Enterprises need to ensure that none of Azure’s account access keys have enabled unintended access.

The resource hierarchy in Azure needs careful inspection and organization

Azure’s identity access management system is susceptible to undetected misconfigurations and unauthorized access.

Native security tools within Azure are not scalable

Azure’s governance tools are not granular enough to detect all misconfigurations and enterprises need advanced tools.

A unified cloud security platform for Azure

Real-time risk detection

The CheckRed platform continuously scans your Azure cloud environment to detect misconfigurations, IAM risks, unsecured data, or unusual behavior within minutes.

Customizable rules engine

Make the most of CheckRed’s built-in templates, queries, and compliance frameworks, or customize them to suit particular requirements and expedite and improve remediation.

Context-rich information

CheckRed’s agentless scanners swiftly help evaluate and categorize risks based on severity and provide actionable insights into security risks. Stay ahead of breaches within Azure.

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