Comprehensive cloud security for Linode

Monitor Linode cloud with continuous protection

Linode cloud

Protect and strengthen Linode cloud

Linode cloud computing enables enterprises to operate efficiently in the cloud. This scalable and accessible cloud environment requires a robust security management tool. Sensitive data or workloads need to be protected, and compliance must be maintained. CheckRed delivers a dedicated and scalable cloud security solution with its innovative platform. Detect security risks, receive customizable security reports, and understand how risks can be fixed. Make working with Linode cloud easy and secure.

Overcome security complexities in Linode

Focus on what’s essential

CheckRed deploys in minutes, giving security teams time to focus on what matters most.

Gain actionable context

Discover and understand risk precisely and with actionable risk intelligence across Linode.

Prove compliance

Ensure perfect compliance and follow regulatory standards across all Linode cloud assets.

Prevent communication gaps

Obtain alerts seamlessly on collaboration tools like Slack or Jira with CheckRed’s integrations.

Are you equipped to detect security risks within Linode?

Manual monitoring is time consuming

Without an automatic monitoring platform, your security team will find it difficult to manually inspect each Linode resource.

Cloud migration can increase risks

When you migrate all your operations to the Linode cloud environment, you need to be sure that there are no security gaps.

Reporting compliance needs total visibility

Frequent changes to your compliance posture need to be tracked continuously for preventing risks and demonstrating perfect compliance.

An intelligent cloud security solution for Linode

Continuous risk detection

Continuous monitoring and real-time alerts create an environment where it is easy to correct misconfigurations, enforce least privilege access, and manage compliance gaps in Linode.

Insightful analytics

Advanced analytical reports are generated for different users, allowing security and DevOps teams to prioritize the most crucial risks and make a significant impact on security posture.

Complete visibility

CheckRed provides enterprises with a comprehensive look at all Linode cloud assets and captures misconfigurations, identity risks, unauthorized behavior, and excessive permissions.

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