CheckRed Editorial

26 July 2023

Third-Party App Management

Third-party apps offer valuable benefits to end users and easily integrate with corporate SaaS applications. However, a significant concern arises when these apps and their vendors access business data without proper security oversight.

With SaaS-to-SaaS connections, third-party apps synchronize data between the sanctioned cloud and their own cloud. This poses a supply chain risk, especially if the third-party provider lacks strong security practices. To safeguard sensitive data, it is vital for security teams to have control over permissions granted to these apps. Safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities ensures the overall security and integrity of the SaaS and cloud landscape.


Understanding third-party apps in SaaS and cloud environments

Third-party apps play a crucial role in enhancing functionality and addressing specific business needs. Let’s dive into what these apps are, their benefits, and how they complement primary SaaS apps.

Definition and role

  • Third-party apps are software applications developed by external providers, separate from the primary SaaS provider.
  • They extend the capabilities of SaaS and cloud environments by offering additional features and integrations.
  • These apps act as connectors – bridging gaps and expanding the functionality of the existing IT ecosystem.

Benefits of third-party apps

  • Extended functionality: Third-party apps bring specialized features, filling gaps that might not be addressed by the primary SaaS apps alone.
  • Customization and tailoring: Businesses can choose specific third-party apps that align with their unique requirements, allowing for a personalized user experience.
  • Integration flexibility: These apps offer seamless integration with the primary SaaS apps, ensuring smooth workflows and data sharing.

Complementary tools

  • Third-party apps are not meant to replace or compete with the primary SaaS apps but rather enhance and supplement them.
  • They provide additional capabilities, allowing organizations to optimize their processes, improve productivity, and address specific niche requirements.

By leveraging third-party apps in SaaS and cloud environments, businesses can unlock a world of possibilities.

Third-party apps – challenges

While third-party apps bring value and functionality to SaaS and cloud environments, they also come with potential challenges that need to be effectively managed. Let’s explore some of the key issues that arise when using multiple third-party apps:

Integration complexities

  • Integrating different apps within an existing SaaS or cloud environment can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Each app may have its own integration requirements, making it challenging to establish seamless connections between various systems.
  • Security risks

    • Assessing the security measures of third-party apps is crucial to prevent data breaches and protect sensitive information.
    • Inadequate security practices by third-party providers can introduce vulnerabilities, potentially compromising the entire environment.

    Performance Concerns

    • Poorly managed third-party apps can impact the performance of the SaaS and cloud environment.
    • These apps may consume excessive resources, leading to slower response times or system instability.

    To effectively manage these challenges, organizations need to prioritize certain strategies:

    • Conduct thorough research and due diligence before selecting and integrating third-party apps.
    • Evaluate the security practices of third-party providers and ensure they align with stringent standards.
    • Regularly monitor and assess the performance impact of third-party apps, optimizing configurations as needed.

    By addressing these challenges proactively, businesses can leverage the benefits of third-party apps while maintaining a secure, integrated, and high-performing SaaS and cloud environment. Strategic management and continuous monitoring are essential to ensure the successful integration and utilization of multiple third-party apps.

    CheckRed: Efficient third-party app management

    In SaaS and cloud environments, managing the risks associated with third-party apps is of paramount importance. CheckRed, a powerful Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Software Security and Performance Management (SSPM) platform, offers robust solutions to help organizations protect themselves. Here’s how CheckRed enables businesses to tackle the challenges posed by third-party apps:

    • Comprehensive visibility: CheckRed provides organizations with a holistic view of their SaaS and cloud environment, including the presence and activities of third-party apps.
    • Risk analytics: Through continuous monitoring and assessment, CheckRed evaluates the security measures implemented by third-party app providers, identifying potential vulnerabilities and risks.
    • Compliance enforcement: CheckRed ensures adherence to industry regulations and internal policies by monitoring the compliance of third-party apps with established standards.

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