Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Protect your cloud workloads from vulnerabilities

Your cloud workloads perform critical services for your organization. Are they protected enough? As cloud resources expand, they become more vulnerable to data breaches. CheckRed’s CWPP provides real-time detection of workload risks and comprehensive protection of your entire cloud - giving your security teams the right tools to fit their requirements.


Scalable cloud workloads increase exploitable gaps

Most organizations, regardless of industry, use multiple cloud providers and work in a very dynamic environment. This results in a risky combination of a massive number of workloads and a lack of complete visibility.

Cloud workloads include applications, big data, and multiple users accessing and modifying the data. Every activity needs to be logged, and failure to detect suspicious activity can lead to significant damages.

A pressing need for innovation, faster time-to-market, and other market pressures often result in cloud security being ignored. With workloads having access to critical and sensitive business data, risk detection and mitigation is a must.

Our CWPP solution provides 100%
cloud coverage and detects risks
in minutes

CheckRed’s approach to CWPP

Streamlined to prevent breaches before they happen


100% workload visibility

  • View multi-cloud resources, all user accounts, and runtime environments in one place
  • Protect your cloud workload across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Linode
  • Use our multi-tenant platform to monitor your workload resources for suspicious activity
  • Get detailed assessments in minutes, not months


Quick detection of anomalies

  • Detect any vulnerable software dependencies within workloads and prevent breaches
  • Identify unpatched software, insecure permissions, and misconfigurations
  • Discover dangerous fileless attacks such as Pyloose to prevent malware
  • Create custom policies for your cloud workloads to focus on what matters most


Ensure complete governance

  • Adhere to the latest regulatory frameworks for CIS, NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, MITRE, GDPR, & more
  • Create customized or tailored frameworks that suit your industry, location, and business
  • Leverage the customization to identify compliance gaps and remediate them easily
  • Get comprehensive reports on your cloud workloads’ compliance posture


Get contextual remediation

  • Prioritize risks with custom weights, compensatory workflows, and context
  • Get control-based and CLI-based guided remediation instructions
  • Utilize three types of remediation workflows – analyst, remediator, risk acceptance
  • Encourage communication and collaboration with seamless platform integrations


Gain insights with reports

  • Gain the context you need to establish a proactive and preventive security strategy
  • Generate detailed and custom reports in CSV/PDF and Docx formats
  • Analyze all workload compliance violations, cloud risks, and SaaS risks

Meet your

Strengthen your SaaS and cloud environment with insightful alerts