Effortlessly control your cloud security posture with CheckRed

The platform integrates with single and multi-cloud environments to continuously prevent misconfigurations and security risks


Cloud security that meets modern standards

Why do enterprises need a novel approach to cloud security posture management?

As enterprises across industries migrate their operations to the cloud, it becomes difficult to constantly monitor and detect all misconfigurations, non-compliances, and other security risks. Security control is a must to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and prevent data breaches.

Digital expansion can create uncertainties among customers. Enterprises should have continuous compliance monitoring to assure their customers cloud environments are safe and secure. Increased cloud visibility and systematic management of alerts contribute to customer trust.

Proving regulatory compliance, resolving misconfigurations, and maintaining proper access control within the cloud are demanding and time-consuming tasks. Security teams require an innovative tool that allows them to monitor cloud security and prioritize what matters most.

The CheckRed approach to CSPM


Establish a strong and secure cloud environment

Manage cloud security for single or multi-cloud

The CheckRed platform is compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, and multi-cloud environments.


Experience seamless security with agentless scanning

CheckRed supports agentless scanning and also has in-built applications to manage risks for each cloud platform.


Receive critical alerts on customizable dashboards

Enterprises, MSPs, and MSSPs automatically receive alerts categorized by severity, thus ensuring easy remediation.


Benefit from risk scoring and severity reporting

Continuously view and analyze risk on the unified CheckRed dashboard and adjust policies as per specific requirements and priorities.


Prevent unauthorized access and excessive permissions

Uncover unauthorized access, excessive privileges, and critical misconfigurations across your cloud environments.


Empower your security and DevOps teams

Provide the right CSPM tools to your security and DevOps teams and increase cloud visibility, make better decisions, and take preventive measures.


Proactively take charge of cloud security posture


Real-time, multi-cloud visibility

Avoid security information silos with real-time visibility of the cloud environment. CheckRed thoroughly scans and monitors the entire cloud asset inventory and allows enterprises to understand changes from a single, well-designed dashboard.

Risk alert

Risk alert prioritization

Security teams are often overwhelmed with multiple security alerts. CheckRed provides clarity and context by prioritizing alerts by severity and time. Prevent or resolve misconfigurations easily with detailed risk analytics.


Simplified, automated compliance

Achieve your business goals with a complete assessment of compliance and regulatory frameworks. The platform can be customized to suit compliance requirements based on industry or geography. Stay on top of compliance needs.


Contextual remediation workflows

Leap-frog remediations with customized workflows from CheckRed. With better context and analytics, security teams can accelerate rectifications. The platform integrates with popular collaboration tools to prevent delays and improve efficiency.

Meet your

Strengthen your SaaS and cloud environment with insightful alerts