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security posture

Measure, monitor, and manage commonly-faced SaaS and cloud security posture challenges in minutes.

360 visibility

Gain 360 visibility across all your SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments with CheckRed's agentless scanners with read-only permissions.

cloud environments

Scan up to three SaaS or cloud environments for misconfigurations from a selection of over 50 apps.

remediation workflow

Receive personalized recommendations for each detected alert in the form of remediation workflows.

Discover how CheckRed can help keep your business safe:

  • Get a single view of security posture across AWS, Azure, GCP, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, ServiceNow, and many more.
  • Identify application misconfigurations and policy violations.
  • Manage 3rd party applications.
  • Get continuous compliance monitoring for all your IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS applications.

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