Active Directory Posture Management

Identify and address active directory security risks in real time.

Excessive permissions and network exposure are among many risks associated with Active Directory. With CheckRed, get comprehensive Active Directory Posture Management, ensuring a secure and compliant environment. Continuously discover and visualize all AD assets. Evaluate permission models across resources, providing precise findings. Proactively manage security posture and gain insights into identity-related risks!


A vulnerable Active Directory poses risks to the integrity of your identity management infrastructure.

Misconfigurations and excessive user privileges in AD can lead to unauthorized access. In the cloud, such misconfigurations pose significant security risks, and may often result in potential data breaches.

Without proper maintenance of AD posture, ensuring the continuous availability of AD services to support organizational activities becomes difficult. This increases the risk of disruptions that could impact business operations.

It is important to bridge the gap between IT and security. Effective ADPM aligns IT and security teams, closing gaps in security enforcement and ensuring cohesive protection against threats and vulnerabilities.

A single ADPM platform to ensure a
secure and compliant Active Directory environment.

CheckRed’s 5 pillars of ADPM

CheckRed’s ADPM is built on the strength of its five pillars:


Enhanced AD visibility

  • Gain comprehensive insights into your AD environment
  • Identify and monitor all AD components and configurations
  • Break down all AD assets and understand exposure points
  • Ensure real-time visibility into AD activities and changes


Proactive risk detection

  • Utilize advanced tools for real-time risk detection
  • Identify suspicious behavior and unauthorized access attempts
  • Leverage detection abilities to prevent attacks before they happen
  • Ensure continuous monitoring to stay ahead of potential threats


Complete compliance governance

  • Adhere to the latest regulatory frameworks for CIS, NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, MITRE, GDPR, & more
  • Enforce consistent security policies across your AD infrastructure
  • Simplify audit processes with detailed compliance reports
  • Ensure adherence to best practices for AD security and management


Automated guided remediation

  • Receive expert guidance workflows for addressing detected issues
  • Prioritize AD alerts that need your immediate attention
  • Implement recommended fixes with minimal disruption
  • Use communication tools of your choice for remediation workflows


Comprehensive risk reporting

  • Generate detailed reports on AD activities and security status
  • Customize reports to meet specific organizational needs
  • Provide clear insights for stakeholders and compliance audits
  • Track progress and demonstrate improvements in AD security

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