Multi-cloud security management for enterprises

CheckRed delivers complete security for hybrid or multi-cloud environments


Innovative cloud security for multi-cloud environments

Do not compromise on security when using multiple or hybrid cloud environments. Continuous monitoring, complete visibility, and configuration management are critical to improve and enhance the cloud security posture of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

CheckRed provides a robust and centralized platform for managing multi and hybrid clouds, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Linode. Its built-in application store with agentless scanners ensures a highly secure multi-cloud environment.

Effectively monitor and secure multi-cloud assets

Use agentless scanning

CheckRed’s agentless approach efficiently helps discover security risks within the cloud.

Reduce alert fatigue

Filter critical alerts from hundreds and thousands of alerts that arise across multiple clouds.

Detect alerts in real-time

Check configurations across multiple clouds and automatically assess the potential risks.

Prove compliance across clouds

Conduct frequent audits and strengthen compliance posture across all cloud environments.

Securing multi-cloud environments can be challenging

Too many tools lead to complexities

If you are using too many security tools, it is quite likely that they are slowing you down and compromising your cloud security.

Lack of a single dashboard increases alert fatigue

Detecting critical security issues is not easy when you need to go through multiple platforms and reports to understand every event.

Prioritizing multi-cloud misconfigurations is not easy

Gaining context and insights into misconfigurations within multi-cloud environments is essential for prioritizing security issues.

A centralized platform for multi-cloud security

single tool
A single tool for all clouds

Proactively resolve security risks within hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Ensure that misconfigurations, IAM risk, behavioral anomalies, and compliance issues are detected.

Customization of rules

With CheckRed’s platform, compliance frameworks, configuration settings specific to different clouds, identity access, and user privileges can be customized as per enterprise requirements.

Unique dashboards

Reduce complexities with customizable dashboards that showcase risk analytics, organizational health, the status of integrated accounts, and more. Empower decision-makers with contextual information.

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Strengthen your SaaS and cloud environment with insightful alerts