Protect your Microsoft 365 environment with CheckRed

CheckRed protects Microsoft 365 by helping security teams harden configurations, manage access, detect excessive privileges, and quickly identify other security alerts.


Securing your Microsoft 365 suite

Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used business applications for organizations worldwide. It handles critical business data, including sensitive emails and files, which makes it vulnerable to attacks, threats, and accidental exposure. Each application has separate authorization protocols and internal & external settings that need to be continuously monitored. CheckRed ensures simplified security of Microsoft 365 by scanning the entire suite and automatically identifying risks.

Complete SaaS security for Microsoft 365


Are you aware of your Microsoft 365 security challenges?


There is a continuous need to update or change user privileges, as every app has hundreds of security settings to configure. This could cause a breach or leak.


Third-party vendors with access to Microsoft 365 can be a weak link. Exploitation can result in data breaches and account exposure.


Organizations have to follow security compliance industry standards and frameworks. Generating compliance reports is a cumbersome task.



Inspect Microsoft 365 applications

  • Secure the Microsoft 365 environment with a combined set of controls
  • Uncover risks and misconfigurations to gain deeper visibility with agentless scanners
  • Audit internal and external user access and permission levels across applications

Detect risks with accuracy

  • Identify misconfigurations, configuration drift, and unauthorized changes
  • Gain real-time visibility into the Microsoft 365 environment with a single dashboard
  • Use the customizable rule engine to monitor SaaS app activities and breaches

Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

  • Integrate automated alerts seamlessly and directly into the communication workflow
  • Gain an at-a-glance view of all alerts and their classification based on severity
  • Focus on high-severity alerts and trigger automated remediation workflows

Remediate with customized workflows

  • Receive actionable alerts and personalized recommendations to accelerate fixes
  • Track each alert from discovery to resolution through remediation workflows
  • Monitor third-party applications and deliver remediation directly to users

Report with on-demand analytics

  • Investigate and resolve issues with system-enabled creation and tracking of tickets
  • Monitor and manage with a single dashboard and download customized reports
  • Ensure compliance and standards are on par with industry best practices

Meet your

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