A unified platform that protects all your cloud and SaaS apps

Reduce risks with complete security posture management


Reinventing security posture

Experience speed and efficiency with centralized cloud and SaaS security

The abundance and advancement of cloud computing and SaaS applications have led to greater complexities in their security requirements. As businesses increase their reliance on cloud and SaaS applications, seamlessly managing security concerns becomes a high priority.

CheckRed offers a single platform that manages the risk posture of both - cloud and SaaS environments. With an emphasis on simplicity, complete visibility, and efficient remediation workflows, CheckRed meets the security needs of all enterprises.

A dedicated platform to monitor SaaS and cloud posture

Address security challenges with insightful risk audit


The CheckRed Advantage

Eliminate the need for multiple security tools

CheckRed’s automated platform allows effortless management of cloud and SaaS security posture from a single dashboard.

Monitor the risk posture of all your customers

MSPs and MSSPs that cater to businesses in highly regulated industries need a security partner to help identify and eliminate risks.

Gain detailed and contextual remediation workflows

By continuously analyzing cloud and SaaS inventory, the CheckRed platform delivers automated workflows to mitigate risks.


SaaS Security Posture Management

Any modern business depends on dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of SaaS applications daily, with each containing confidential data and vital business information. A minor misconfiguration, a missed compliance requirement, or even wrong access authorization can result in catastrophic consequences.

SaaS security posture management is vital for any enterprise. The CheckRed platform manages the risk posture of multiple SaaS applications and provides complete visibility of alerts. Make SSPM simple and effortless with automated audits, customized remediation workflows, and seamless notification of alerts.

Cloud Security Posture Management

The constant changes and growing complexities in cloud environments make it hard for businesses to manage their cloud security. Dealing with misconfigurations, proving compliance requirements, and ensuring proper access are critical processes that need to be carried out continuously. However, they can take up a significant amount of time and resources.

CheckRed is a non-intrusive platform that inspects, detects, and prioritizes alerts and assists in managing risk posture with ease. The agentless scanners deliver a comprehensive and accurate view of your cloud infrastructure. Optimize cloud security with a robust platform that supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linode, multi-cloud and more!

Continuous Compliance

The rapid growth of the cloud has resulted in increased compliance requirements. Businesses that are expanding into new markets, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, or simply migrating sensitive and critical data into the cloud have to be perfectly compliant. A single miss can lead to unfortunate and costly repercussions.

CheckRed helps businesses eliminate the complexities of compliance and achieve improved growth. The continuous monitoring and rapid assessment of compliance measures ensure better security and fewer risks. Utilize our platform for single or multicloud environments and reduce manual, time-consuming audits.


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