Secure Salesforce with CheckRed

CheckRed protects and secures Salesforce by providing insightful and actionable context to security alerts.


Get a complete view of your Salesforce security posture

Salesforce has become an integral part of any organization’s core teams like sales, marketing, and customer service. It is no longer a simple SaaS tool used by a few organizations anymore. The number of users has risen significantly, therefore, the volume of sensitive data has proportionately increased. This means there is an increased security risk for organizations. CheckRed helps by reducing risks and identifying threats quickly. It provides continuous control, security, and visibility across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Respond to misconfigurations in Salesforce


Are you aware of your Salesforce security challenges?


Multiple teams utilize Salesforce due to its vast array of services, so security teams find it difficult to control who has access to what and why.


Data access and user activity have changed over time. Identifying and catching inconsistent behavior before it becomes a threat is a challenge.


Salesforce has a granular and complex permission structure for users and third-party integrations, making it difficult for security teams to manage.


Inspect Salesforce

Inspect Salesforce

  • Gain complete visibility on Salesforce security risks with CheckRed’s agentless scanners
  • Survey external and internal user access and permission levels across applications
  • Secure the Salesforce environment with a consolidated set of controls
Detect risks with accuracy

Detect risks with accuracy

  • Identify misconfigurations, configuration drift, and unauthorized changes
  • Get complete and real-time visibility into Salesforce with a well-designed dashboard
  • Customize rules and templates to monitor activities and understand risks across clouds
Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

  • Seamlessly integrate automated alerts directly into the workflow
  • Focus on high-severity alerts and provide automated responses
  • Obtain a quick view and classification of alerts based on severity and risk scoring
Remediate with customized workflows

Remediate with customized workflows

  • Receive actionable alerts and individualized suggestions to accelerate fixes
  • Observe third-party applications and provide remediation directly to users
  • Use remediation workflows to follow each alert from discovery to resolution
Report with on-demand analytics

Report with on-demand analytics

  • Benefit from systematic ticket tracking for quick investigation and resolution
  • Download tailored reports and analytics from a centralized dashboard
  • Prove compliance and ensure standards meet industry best practices

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