Google Cloud security posture management

Achieve improved security for Google Cloud with CheckRed


Effortlessly protect your Google Cloud environment

Detecting anomalies, misconfigurations, and unusual behavior within the multiple resources of Google Cloud is imperative for enterprises, MSPs, and MSSPs. Manual efforts of monitoring can be time-consuming and expensive. Protect your business data, applications, and other resources stored on Google Cloud with CheckRed’s cloud security platform. Risks are clearly presented and categorized on a unified dashboard, allowing security teams to act on severe risks first.

Securely build and operate on Google Cloud

Google Cloud
Analyze all Google Cloud assets

CheckRed contextually analyzes all Google Cloud assets to improve security posture.

Save time and effort

The platform deploys in minutes, enables seamless communication, and reduces manual effort.

Prove and maintain compliance

Fix non-compliance gaps and ensure regulations are followed with continuous monitoring.

Leverage multiple security features

Utilize built-in apps with agentless scanners, customizable reports, and user-specific analytics.

Are your Google Cloud resources completely secure?

GCP’s basic roles come with critical security risks

Granting basic roles within Google Cloud can lead to public data exposure and multiple (and often unnecessary) user permissions.

Unauthorized third-party access leads to data exposure

Third-party access to your Google Cloud resources increase security risk and require continuous monitoring.

Google’s managed service accounts can be exploited

Enterprises need an advanced security solution to ensure that sensitive information is not exposed by GCP’s managed service accounts.

A new approach to secure Google Cloud resources

Complete security coverage

CheckRed’s agentless scanners monitor every Google Cloud asset and rapidly deliver complete visibility on the dashboard without impacting organizational performance.

Automated alert detection

Enterprises, MSPs, and MSSPs can receive security alerts in real-time, ensuring immediate remediation of high-risk issues. The platform detects misconfigurations, IAM risks, and more.

Data-driven remediations

CheckRed delivers automated and semi-automated remediation workflows derived from a thorough analysis of security risks. Get the full security context of all Google Cloud assets.

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