Cloud security for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Protect your AWS cloud environment with CheckRed


Secure AWS cloud and prevent misconfigurations

Managing misconfigurations and compliance within your AWS environment is an essential part of cloud security posture management. Without full visibility of AWS cloud and contextual insights, security teams cannot prioritize and remedy security risks within AWS workloads.

CheckRed’s comprehensive platform delivers a simplified solution to manage security complexities within AWS. Get a complete inventory of AWS cloud assets and inspect, detect, prioritize, and remediate security risks.

Work better in a secure AWS environment

secure AWS
Rapidly resolve security issues

CheckRed deploys in minutes, scanning and detecting any risk in the AWS cloud.

Empower security teams

Reduce alert fatigue and enable security teams to discover issues faster.

Gain better awareness

Use analytics to uncover and understand changes to configurations and privileges.

Prove compliance

Maintain compliance frameworks with automation and customizable frameworks.

Managing your AWS cloud comes with many challenges

Unauthorized usage of AWS S3 buckets

Public exposure of your resources within AWS S3 buckets makes your critical business data susceptible to manipulation.

Excessive permissions with AWS Managed Policies

Undetected misconfigurations and irregular activity within your AWS Identity resources can lead to unauthorized access or excessive permissions.

Managing privilege with AWS Identity Federation

The AWS Identity Federation poses security and compliance challenges, and requires monitoring to ensure least privilege.

An innovative approach to AWS cloud security

Total visibility

With CheckRed, enterprises can gain comprehensive visibility of their AWS cloud. Our agentless platform audits and captures any risk without impacting organizational performance.

Contextual alerts

CheckRed analyzes AWS cloud assets and provides actionable information by categorizing and prioritizing risks. Address critical issues in real-time and prevent security breaches.

Remediation workflows

The AWS cloud functions at its best when it is secure. CheckRed generates automated and semi-automated remediation workflows, custom rules, and reports for optimal performance.

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