Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

Prevent excessive and unauthorized entitlements in SaaS & Cloud with CheckRed

Breaches caused by Identity & access management (IAM) issues are all too common and can happen in any cloud account or SaaS application. CheckRed CIEM provides identity & entitlement security over your entire cloud infrastructure - SaaS, IaaS, PaaS - to prevent unsanctioned overly permissive roles, identities, permissions & more from spiraling into a devastating security breach.


A vulnerable SaaS & cloud stack starts with a lack of identity visibility

In numerous data breaches, identities play a central role, often exploited due to mismanaged IAM privileges. Surprisingly, most cloud permissions tend to be overly permissive, leading to potential disasters.

The growing reliance on multi-cloud environments and numerous SaaS apps raises the risk of identity misconfigurations and excessive permissions. Enterprises must balance operational efficiency while maintaining security and compliance.

Security teams often lack complete visibility of all cloud entitlements and identities, leading to data breaches and non-compliance. As organizations migrate to the cloud - SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS, the risk increases even more.

One CIEM platform that takes care of
cloud and SaaS

CheckRed’s 5 pillars of CIEM

CheckRed’s CIEM is built on the strength of its five pillars


Comprehensive cloud visibility
(SaaS | IaaS | PaaS)

  • Achieve multi-cloud and multi-account visibility, including IdP level visibility
  • Identify user types – humans, machine identities, guests, and SaaS users
  • Gain visibility into groups, roles, policies, and permissions
  • Detect cross-account access, ensuring granular control over user privileges


Prompt detection of risks

  • Identify risks within cloud and SaaS environments
  • Detect IAM misconfigurations, cross-account identities and excessive permissions
  • Track insecure service accounts, and unused identities or permissions
  • Address MFA violations, exposed credentials and least privilege policy violations


Streamlined compliance

  • Adhere to regulations such as PCI DSS, SOC2, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, and others
  • Enable continuous auditing and automated reporting on compliance
  • Create customized or tailored frameworks that suit your organization
  • Map identities against critical compliances to uphold best practices


Automated remediation

  • Get clear and contextual guided remediation steps for all risks and alerts
  • Prioritizes risks based on custom weights and ensure swift mitigation
  • Make the most of console-based as well as CLI-based instructions
  • Receive clear and actionable steps on your preferred communication platform


Thorough and detailed reporting

  • Obtain comprehensive insights into your complete cloud security posture
  • Generate detailed and custom reports in CSV/PDF and Docx formats
  • Analyze compliance violations, cloud risks, and SaaS risks
  • Communicate security risks effectively and proactively to stakeholders

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