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08 May 2023

SaaS and cloud security for MSPs and MSSPs

Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing have become fundamental components of enterprises’ IT infrastructure in today’s technologically advanced world. Organizations may streamline their processes by using SaaS apps like email, CRM, and project management solutions. In addition, cloud computing gives companies a scalable and adaptable infrastructure for managing and storing their data.


Given this constant reliance on cloud infrastructure, SaaS and cloud security must be prioritized by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), as the convenience of cloud-based services comes with an increased risk of security incidents. Data security and IT system security are crucial tasks for MSPs and MSSPs in protecting their clients’ data.

SaaS and cloud security cover a wide range of security measures, such as network security, compliance, access management, and data protection. Maintaining a secure cloud environment requires putting best practices for cloud security into action, including multi-factor authentication, frequent security assessments, and security policy enforcement.

Key challenges faced by MSPs and MSSPs

MSPs and MSSPs face various challenges in managing SaaS and cloud security, from keeping up with evolving threats to ensuring compliance with regulations. Listed below are a few key challenges that MSPs and MSSPs face in the context of providing SaaS and cloud security to firms and businesses.


The security risk landscape is changing rapidly, and MSPs and MSSPs must constantly improve their detection and response methods. Adding new software or specialists can increase costs without necessarily bringing desired results. Finding the right approach is essential.

How CheckRed is changing the game

With the help of CheckRed, businesses can maintain their security posture and compliance needs with the help of a robust platform. With CheckRed, businesses gain a centralized platform that enables all-around SaaS and cloud security posture monitoring and visibility. Any possible threats are quickly identified by the platform’s tailored alert system, enabling prompt response and remediation actions.

MSPs and MSSPs

CheckRed’s capacity to customize its services to match the particular demands of each organization is one of its main advantages. By customizing the platform, existing systems and workflows may be seamlessly linked into it, causing the least amount of disturbance to daily operations. CheckRed is an invaluable tool for any MSP or MSSP looking to maintain the security posture and compliance requirements of clients.

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