Inspect, detect, prioritize, and protect SaaS applications

CheckRed integrates with all SaaS applications to monitor and evaluate misconfigurations and risks


SaaS security is more critical than ever

Why should enterprises protect their SaaS applications?

A single SaaS application comes with the risk of accidental exposure, unrestricted permissions, and non-compliance. With enterprises using a high volume of SaaS applications, the security team needs to constantly stay on top of the SaaS risk posture of their enterprise.

A natural consequence of too many applications is that security teams are devoid of comprehensive risk visibility and become overwhelmed with alerts. This fatigue can, unfortunately, lead to missed alerts, data breaches, and non-compliance.

Manually checking configuration settings, access controls, and third-party integrations leads to delays in resolving security risks. Undetected or unresolved alerts can be seamlessly and rapidly managed with an automated SSPM tool.

The CheckRed approach to SSPM


Achieve speed and efficiency across your SaaS environments

Over 50 applications and counting

Manage the security posture for a substantial number of SaaS applications with the CheckRed platform.


Flexible rules engine to manage compliance

Ensure compliance standards and industry best practices are met by using our flexible and customizable rules engine.


Risk scoring and severity reporting

Receive alerts categorized by priority to improve remediation efficiency, prevent communication silos, and reduce alert fatigue.


Integrations with communication apps

Integrate existing communication and collaboration tools with the CheckRed platform and get real-time notifications.


Third-party app management

Take proactive measures to manage third-party applications and determine end-user access levels, data exposure, and inactive accounts.


Misconfiguration detection and management

Detect and resolve misconfigurations such as unnecessary permissions, access control, insecure data, and more.


Take control of your SaaS security posture


Comprehensive, real-time visibility

Our agentless scanners monitor all your SaaS applications, enabling you to continuously monitor SaaS security risk posture. Detect misconfigurations and security issues in real-time and never miss any critical alert.


Identity and access management

Evaluate identity and access control, remove inactive user accounts, and monitor third-party access to the SaaS applications. Protect important company data and enforce least privilege access with the platform.


Regulatory compliance adherence

Enforce continuous compliance across the SaaS environment to seamlessly expand business operations across geographies. CheckRed allows custom policies and frameworks and delivers alerts in case of non-compliance.


Insightful remediation workflows

Benefit from automated and semi-automated remediation workflows that are triggered based on each alert. Give your security and DevOps team the insightful context to manage security risk within the SaaS applications.

Meet your

Strengthen your SaaS and cloud environment with insightful alerts