Protect Okta from security breaches

CheckRed protects Okta by identifying critical misconfigurations and monitoring for security breaches or behavioral anomalies.


Enhance Okta’s security posture

More organizations are moving towards centrally managed identity and access management applications that have a single sign-in or multi-factor authentication. Okta connects all users to their applications from any device, anytime, anywhere. It manages and validates user identity for legacy and cloud-based applications, thus ensuring that the right people have access to the right data and applications. CheckRed makes real-time security for Okta a reality and protects sensitive data. It integrates permissions and post-login activity, which leads to discovering and highlighting exposures.

Proactively detect risks in Okta


Are you aware of Okta’s security challenges?


The risk of misconfigurations in Okta is quite high due to overlapping application assignments, privilege escalations, and excessive permissions.

sensitive assets

With multiple employees and other stakeholders, there is a risk of increased access to applications and devices, leading to higher exposure to sensitive assets.


Multiple and unlinked identities can be present across applications. This makes visibility into users and events more difficult.



Inspect Okta

  • Conduct agentless scanning for risks and vulnerabilities to acquire in-depth visibility
  • Enhance the Okta environment with a diverse array of controls
  • Assess internal and external user access and clearance levels across applications

Detect risks with accuracy

  • Apply rule sets and templates to monitor application activities and breaches
  • Detect misconfiguration, configuration drift, and unauthorized modifications
  • Get real-time visibility into the Okta environment with a centralized dashboard

Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

  • Effortlessly integrate automated notifications into the workflow
  • View all alerts and their classification based on criticality and risk scoring in one place
  • Focus on high-impact alerts and activate automated responses for common risks

Remediate with customized workflows

  • Receive action-driven alerts and personalized suggestions to accelerate fixes
  • Inspect third-party integrations and provide remediation directly to users
  • Follow each alert from detection to resolution through remediation workflows

Report with on-demand analytics

  • Ensure compliance and conformity to industry standards and best practices
  • Get a full overview with a single dashboard and download customized reports
  • Use actionable risk intelligence to empower your security and DevOps teams

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