Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Consolidate your cloud security stack with our comprehensive CNAPP solution

Cloud environments need a comprehensive security solution to protect them from evolving risks - be it misconfigurations or identity breaches. CheckRed’s CNAPP provides 100% visibility, real-time detection, and actionable insights to help keep your cloud environments secure. By consolidating CSPM, CIEM, and CWPP into a single platform, you can easily protect ALL your cloud resources at once.


Clouds have abundant resources and require specialized solutions for specific risks.

The more cloud resources you have, higher the risk of misconfigurations - which leads to breaches. You need complete visibility to discover and secure each and every resource across all your cloud environments.

Using multiple traditional security tools as you migrate from legacy models to modern cloud solutions can lead to large gaps. Equipping your security and compliance teams with integrated tools is critical.

Analysts may miss out on high-priority alerts, putting your business at risk. Remediation guidance, risk prioritization and analytics, contextual information, and a single pane of glass platform is a must-have.

Complete cloud security management made
easy with CheckRed

CheckRed’s 5 pillars of CNAPP

CheckRed’s CNAPP is built on the strength of its five pillars.


Complete cloud visibility

  • Gain comprehensive visibility across your cloud-native applications
  • Monitor each cloud resource, user, identity, workload, and more in real time
  • Get the knowledge you need to create the right security strategy for your business
  • Gain insights into resource utilization patterns and trends across your cloud


Timely risk detection

  • Conduct regular vulnerability scans to detect any misconfigurations
  • Promptly detect insider or third-party risks within your cloud-native applications
  • Minimize the risk of security breaches, data exposure, and non-compliance
  • Address misconfigurations or overly permissive settings that could cause security risks


Streamlined compliance governance

  • Adhere to the latest regulatory frameworks for CIS, NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, MITRE, GDPR, & more
  • Implement automated compliance checks to continuously assess compliance status
  • Customize compliance policies based on your organization’s specific requirements
  • Generate comprehensive audit trails and reports to demonstrate compliance efforts


Get contextual remediation

  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on the severity and impact of identified risks
  • Receive automated remediation suggestions based on industry best practices
  • Ensure security with timely remediation of cloud risks and security incidents
  • Get specific instructions on the communication platform of your choice


Gain insights with reports

  • Obtain thorough and detailed insights into your cloud-native application security posture
  • Generate custom reports in CSV, PDF, and Docx formats
  • Analyze compliance violations, misconfigurations, and all other cloud-related risks
  • Communicate security risks effectively to stakeholders for proactive measures

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