Seamlessly manage security for ServiceNow with CheckRed

CheckRed provides centralized visibility to the ServiceNow platform and delivers a detailed real-time security posture report


Get a security overview of your ServiceNow environment

ServiceNow is a widely used workflow automation platform that streamlines operations and is also used in other departments such as HR, Facilities, and Finance. The wide variety of services that ServiceNow provides means a wealth of sensitive data needs to be secured. The numerous integrations make security implementation a challenge. CheckRed seamlessly links with ServiceNow to prevent sensitive data exposure. It provides control and visibility, which secures ServiceNow’s environment.

Enhance ServiceNow’s security posture

security posture

Are you aware of ServiceNow’s security challenges?


Organizations add connections to other SaaS applications and custom in-house integrations to ServiceNow. These integrations cause gaps that can be exploited.


The wide variety of micro-level application configurations and permissions makes it challenging for security teams to monitor the organization’s security posture.


Teams do not have continuous or consolidated visibility of user access or activity across all applications and therefore are unable to react quickly to threats.


Inspect ServiceNow

Inspect ServiceNow

  • Audit internal and external user access, privileges, and clearance levels
  • Use a combined set of controls to shield your ServiceNow environment
  • Utilize agentless scanning for threats and risks leads to enhanced visibility
Detect risks with accuracy

Detect risks with accuracy

  • Obtain immediate insights into your ServiceNow environment through a single dashboard
  • Utilize rule sets and templates to observe activities and breaches across assets
  • Recognize and highlight misconfigurations, configuration drift, and unauthorized changes
Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

Prioritize and focus on key misconfigurations

  • Get an instant overview of alerts and their classification based on severity and risk scores
  • Eliminate communication silos with CheckRed’s integrations with collaboration tools
  • Prevent alert fatigue by focusing on high-severity notifications
Remediate with customized workflows

Remediate with customized workflows

  • Observe third-party applications and deliver recommendations directly to users
  • Receive feasible alerts and tailored recommendations to accelerate fixes
  • Trace each alert from identification to resolution through remediation workflows
Report with on-demand analytics

Report with on-demand analytics

  • Download customized reports to understand ServiceNow assets
  • Organize and manage security posture with a unified dashboard
  • Ensure compliance and norms are in line with industry best practices

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