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06 September 2023

CISO 101: Best Practices to Improve Security Posture

In an era marked by an escalating wave of cyber risks, the role of cybersecurity is more vital than ever before. As technology advances, so does the sophistication of cyber risks. Moreover, the concerns about safeguarding digital assets are also on the rise. This sets the stage for the criticality of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

CISOs, as the guardians of an organization’s digital presence, face an evolving landscape of challenges. Their responsibility to fortify an organization’s defenses and mitigate risks is extremely crucial. This need has given rise to the growing trend of enhancing security posture. A strong security posture not only helps defend against risks but also ensures the organization’s resilience.


Best Practices for Security Posture Improvement

Here is a brief list of security best practices that CISOs can use to enhance their companies’ overall security posture.

Prioritize Visibility

Complete visibility of your cloud environment is the foundation of a robust security posture. You can’t identify risks and vulnerabilities without proper visibility. This concept isn’t limited to on-premises assets. With the growing reliance on SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS services, keeping continuous and real-time track of each asset is a must.

Maintain an Asset Inventory

A well-kept inventory of your assets means knowing what devices, software, and data your organization possesses. With the proliferation of SaaS applications and third-party integrations, maintaining an updated asset inventory has become even more challenging. SSPM/CSPM tools come to the rescue by assisting in asset discovery and tracking, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Embrace Outsourcing Solutions

Attempting to do everything in-house, from running mail systems to managing security, can be a risky endeavor. It’s like trying to design and build a car from scratch when you can have a reliable, well-tested model right off the assembly line. Outsourcing and embracing security solutions enables expert handling of critical aspects of your digital infrastructure, reducing the risk of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Know Your Traffic Volume

Understanding your traffic volume is essential, particularly for SaaS applications that handle a significant number of transactions. Traffic volume isn’t just about the number of interactions; it’s also about the quality and security of those interactions. SSPM tools play a crucial role in monitoring and managing this traffic, ensuring your operations run smoothly and securely.

Factor in Cloud Data Volume

With the substantial increase in data demands, especially in cloud and SaaS environments, managing data volume has become a daunting task. SSPM and CSPM tools offer solutions for efficiently handling, securing, and optimizing data in these expansive digital landscapes, ensuring that no byte of data is left unprotected.

Assess Third-party Security Risk

SaaS applications often introduce third-party risks. When you use external software, you also inherit vulnerabilities and potential security gaps. SSPM and CSPM tools come to the rescue by offering the ability to monitor these third-party risks continuously. They ensure that your reliance on external solutions doesn’t compromise your security.

Learn to Accept Some Risk

It’s time to shift from a rigid mentality to a more flexible risk management approach. Understanding and managing acceptable risk is a crucial skill for CISOs. SSPM/CSPM tools play a pivotal role in this by providing insights into potential risks and prioritizing them appropriately, allowing you to make informed decisions about what level of risk is acceptable for your organization.

Use Controls to Manage Cloud Risks

Effective risk reduction relies on robust controls. In the cloud and SaaS environments, controls are your best allies. They help you define and enforce security policies, ensuring the security of your cloud. CSPM tools help enforce these essential controls, facilitating easier management and enforcing of security policies in your cloud and SaaS applications.

Transition to a Security-first Culture

Creating a security-first culture within your organization is a significant step toward improved security posture. Employees must be aware of security best practices and risks. Organizing security training and awareness programs help employees understand their role in maintaining a secure digital environment.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

The fundamental principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (also known as the CIA Triad) remain as crucial as ever. SSPM/CSPM tools align with these principles, offering solutions that ensure data confidentiality, data integrity, and continuous availability. These security basics form the foundation of a strong security posture in both cloud and SaaS environments.

CheckRed: The Comprehensive SSPM and CSPM solution

CheckRed is the ultimate solution for SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). It offers a unified platform designed to remarkably strengthen your security posture.

CheckRed provides access to cutting-edge features such as comprehensive asset visibility, robust security controls, and comprehensive risk assessments. This all-in-one tool empowers the fortification of security measures and helps maintain regulatory compliance seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree Visibility: With a comprehensive understanding of your assets in real-time, you can ensure you are always prepared for any misconfigurations or risks.
  • Risk Assessment: Conduct thorough risk assessments, facilitating the enabling of proactive measures against potential misconfigurations or security incidents.
  • Third-party App Management: Efficiently manage third-party app risks with all-around visibility, compliance enforcement, and risk analytics.

With its agentless scanners, CheckRed not only improves your security posture but also ensures compliance with industry standards. By implementing CheckRed, you safeguard your organization from evolving cyber threats effectively.

Prioritizing security posture improvement, especially in the realm of SaaS and cloud, is essential for safeguarding your organization against modern threats. By adopting these practices and integrating powerful tools like CheckRed, CISOs can lead their organizations towards a more secure and resilient future. Stay proactive, implement these practices diligently, and keep your security posture robust in the face of ever-changing cyber landscapes.

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