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Driving Revenue With Complete Cloud Protection
An MSP & MSSP Guide

Protecting the cloud - SaaS, IaaS, & PaaS - requires a multi-tenant, consolidated platform. Join us to learn how you can supercharge your security strategy for your clients.

February 20, 2024

10:00 EST | 15:00 GMT | 07:00 PST

Our Speakers

Wes Spencer

Founder, EmpathMSP

Cybersecurity expert and thought leader in threat intelligence

Pat Clawson

CEO, CheckRed

Technology strategist, cybersecurity innovator, and growth consultant

Dan Thormodsgaard

CTO, CheckRed

IT and cloud security expert, M&A and cybersecurity advisor


  • Today, organizations are increasingly reliant on distributed SaaS and cloud environments. While this has improved productivity and encouraged innovation, security gaps have widened. The threat landscape is vast and MSPs and MSSPs need to be equipped to protect the cloud environments of ALL their clients.
  • Security teams are burdened with alerts, prioritizing each risk is a challenge, and sometimes, there is uncertainty on what has to be done after a risk has been detected. A simple misconfiguration - be it unauthorized privilege, third-party access, or an expired password - can lead to a breach, potentially costing your clients millions of dollars.
  • As a service provider, you require an efficient security framework that protects your clients and consequentially, drives your revenue. Join us and find out how you can face security challenges with the right tools, and learn more about CheckRed, the first multi-tenant platform that provides complete cloud security - SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, exclusively designed for MSPs and MSSPs, we will discuss

Growing cloud security challenges

How are minute security gaps exploited by threat actors?

The importance of security posture

How can MSPs and MSSPs get better at what they do?

The ideal security platform

What is the best way to detect, prioritize, and remediate any security alert?

Scaling security and driving revenue

How can MSPs and MSSPs promote an advanced security strategy to their clients?


Hear From Our MSP/MSSP Partners

As a trusted cybersecurity service provider, managing and prioritizing our work is imperative. CheckRed alerts us of any security risks shows us how we can remediate these issues, and gives us in-depth risk analysis They’ve successfully unified SSPM & CSPM with compliance, enabling our team and clients to work better!

BreachLock, a global cybersecurity validation leader, partners with CheckRed to provide continuous validation of cloud and SaaS posture for our clients. Backed by an experienced team, the CheckRed platform offers unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and a constant stream of cutting-edge features.

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