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05 February 2024

Agentless scanning – Why it benefits managed cloud security

The dynamic nature of cloud environments presents a growing challenge for MSPs and MSSPs. These entities play a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses against evolving cyber threats. Client infrastructures sprawl across diverse platforms, configurations evolve rapidly, and the threat landscape remains ever-present. Traditional agent-based security solutions, while familiar, often struggle to keep pace. Deploying and managing agents across diverse environments is time-consuming, impacting performance and client satisfaction. What if there was a better way?

Here’s what agentless scanning offers for these service providers. Imagine gaining comprehensive visibility into client infrastructure without ever needing to install a single agent. This approach eliminates the complexities of manual deployments, minimizes resource utilization, and unlocks wider security coverage. The transformative potential of agentless scanning for MSPs and MSSPs in managing cloud security is remarkable. The role it plays in enhancing cybersecurity, the benefits it offers, and the positive outcome of investing in robust security solutions are all worth understanding.


Understanding agentless scanning

Agentless scanning, within the domain of cloud security, refers to a method of cybersecurity assessment that operates without the need for installing software agents on individual devices or endpoints. Instead, it leverages existing protocols, APIs, and network-level communication to gather information directly from the target systems. This allows MSPs and MSSPs to conduct comprehensive security scans across cloud environments without disrupting operations or installing additional software.

The process of agentless scanning involves remotely accessing and analyzing data from cloud workloads, virtual machines, and other network assets using native interfaces. By doing so, it provides MSPs and MSSPs with valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities, security risks, and compliance gaps within their clients’ cloud infrastructures, and their own.

Agentless scanning plays a crucial role in managing cloud security for MSPs and MSSPs due to several key factors. First, it offers a non-intrusive method of security assessment that doesn’t require software installations, reducing complexity and minimizing the risk of system disruptions. Additionally, agentless scanning allows for seamless integration with diverse cloud environments, providing MSPs and MSSPs with the flexibility to monitor and protect clients’ assets across various platforms and providers.

It also enables MSPs and MSSPs to conduct thorough security assessments without consuming excessive system resources or impacting performance. This ensures that clients can maintain optimal operational efficiency while proactively addressing potential security threats and compliance requirements. Overall, agentless scanning is a vital tool in the arsenal of MSPs and MSSPs, empowering them to deliver robust and effective managed cloud security solutions to their clients.

Benefits of agentless scanning for MSPs and MSSPs

Agentless scanning offers several advantages for MSPs and MSSPs, enabling them to enhance their cloud security offerings and streamline operations effectively.

Reduced overhead

By minimizing resource usage and maintenance costs, agentless scanning helps MSPs and MSSPs optimize their operational efficiency. Traditional agent-based scanning methods often require the allocation of compute resources on targeted systems, potentially impacting performance and increasing maintenance overheads. In contrast, agentless scanning leverages lightweight protocols and centralized management, resulting in lower resource consumption and reduced costs for MSPs and MSSPs, enabling them to deliver cost-effective security solutions to clients.

Enhanced flexibility

Agentless scanning provides MSPs and MSSPs with the flexibility to adapt to diverse cloud environments and platforms seamlessly. Without the constraints of software agents, agentless scanning solutions can monitor cloud workloads across multiple cloud providers and environments, ensuring consistent security coverage without platform dependencies. This flexibility enables MSPs and MSSPs to cater to the unique requirements of each client and support dynamic cloud infrastructures effectively.

Scalable security

Imagine securing numerous client environments without tedious agent installations and updates. Agentless solutions leverage existing cloud APIs, streamlining onboarding and eliminating compatibility concerns. This translates to rapid deployment across diverse infrastructures, scaling seamlessly to accommodate even the most extensive client portfolios.

Uncompromised performance

Client workloads demand optimal performance. Agentless solutions prioritize this by avoiding the resource-intensive processes associated with traditional agents. Instead, they rely on lightweight analysis of snapshots or cloud metadata, ensuring zero impact on client systems. This empowers MSPs and MSSPs to implement robust security measures without sacrificing performance, fostering a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

Investing in robust security solutions

It goes without saying that MSPs and MSSPs need to safeguard their clients’ cloud environments effectively. SaaS and Cloud Security Posture Management (SSPM and CSPM) solutions play a pivotal role in helping MSPs and MSSPs monitor and manage security posture across cloud environments – SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

SSPM and CSPM solutions enable these service providers to gain comprehensive visibility into their clients’ cloud infrastructures, allowing them to identify and mitigate security risks proactively. These solutions leverage advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance gaps across cloud platforms in real time. By centralizing security management and automating compliance processes, SSPM and CSPM solutions empower service providers to strengthen security posture and reduce the risk of data breaches.

CheckRed: An effective SSPM and CSPM solution

CheckRed is a leading SSPM and CSPM solution that offers comprehensive security posture management capabilities for MSPs and MSSPs. Built on the foundation of agentless scanning, CheckRed enables service providers to assess and monitor their clients’ cloud environments without the need for installing additional software agents. This streamlined approach simplifies deployment and reduces operational overheads, allowing MSPs and MSSPs to focus on delivering value-added services to their clients.

CheckRed provides a range of features designed to enhance security posture management for MSPs and MSSPs. These include:

  • Real-time risk detection: CheckRed leverages advanced monitoring capabilities to detect security threats and vulnerabilities in real-time, enabling MSPs and MSSPs to respond swiftly to potential risks.
  • Compliance management: CheckRed helps MSPs and MSSPs ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards by continuously monitoring cloud environments for compliance violations and providing guided remediation steps.
  • Guided remediation: CheckRed offers guided remediation workflows that enable MSPs and MSSPs to address security issues efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to resolve security incidents and maintain compliance.

Investing in robust solutions like CheckRed empowers MSPs and MSSPs to enhance security posture management and deliver superior cybersecurity services to their clients.

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